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What's New

4/10 Phonics Activities: CVC Word Building

4/04 Storytime: Spring ABC

3/27 Alphabet Activities: Spring ABC

3/23 Storytime: Caterpillar Dreams

3/12 Storytime: Perfect Pancakes

3/07 Story Patterns: I See Spring

3/02 Storytime: Vehicles ABC: What Am I?

2/15 Storytime: All By Myself

1/31 Storytime: Five Green Frogs

1/18 Storytime: Colors Story

1/07 Storytime: Shapes Story

2024 1/01 Storytime: ABC Story

12/22 Story Props: Snowmen at Night

12/14 X-mas Crafts: 3D Christmas Tree(Revised)

12/11 Topics:Christmas Counting Book

12/08 Story Props: Mr Willowby's Christmas Tree

12/07 X-Mas Crafts: Ornaments Template

11/20 Phonics Activities: Word Family Sentences(-ub/ug/un)

11/15 Story Props: The Foolish Tortoise

11/09 Animal Flashcards: moose

11/03 Phonics Activities: Word Family Sentences(-op/ot/op)

10/25 Phonics Activities: Word Family Sentences(-ig/ing/ill)

10/20 Phonics Activities: Word Family Sentences(-ack/en/ed/et/ell)

10/19 Fashcards: sack, sad

10/17 Phonics Activities: Word Family Sentences

10/11 Phonics Activities: Flip Book(Added more pics and words)

9/26 Flashcards: Jogging Suit

9/26 Story Props: Creepy Carrots

9/21 Teaching Extras: Classroom Daily Schedule

9/18 Story Props: Giraffes Can't Dance

9/12 Flashcards: Cheetah, Cat(Persian cat)

8/31 Story Props: Kitten's First Full Moon

8/28 Animal Flashcards: bobcat

8/25 Story Props: Ten Little Ladybugs

8/16 Flashcards: SW(Modified and added pics)

8/09 Flashcards: S/SL/SM/SN/SP/ST(Modified and added pics)

8/02 Story Props: We're Going on a Nature Hunt

7/26 Alphabet Activities: Summer A-Z

7/18 Phonics Activities: Blends Clip Cards

7/05 Story Props: Little Raindrop

6/27 Topics: Summer Mini Book

6/25 Story Props: I See Summer Worksheet

6/21 Story Props: I See Summer

6/08 Letter of the Week: F is for fro