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3/23 Rhymes & Songs: This Old Man

3/19 Topics: Family Members

3/12 Rhymes & Songs: Hot Cross Buns!

3/07 Story Patterns: The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree

2/25 Topics: Transportation-What Am I?

2/13 Phonics Activities: Double Letter Endings

2/05 Story Patterns: Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs

1/24 Seuss Activities: Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?

1/16 Rhymes & Songs: Row, Row, Row, Your Boat

2017 1/08 Topics:Community Helpers Hats

12/19 Story Patterns:If You Take a Mouse to the Movies

12/12 X-mas Crafts: Paper Poinsettia

12/03 Story Patterns: The Crunching Munching Caterpillar

11/25 Topics:Make a Snowman

11/13 Story Patterns:Henny Penny

10/31 Animal Crafts: Paper Bag Animals(Hippo,Koala,Lion,Monkey)

10/19 Alphabet Activities: Manuscript Wall Chart

10/10 Phonics Activities: Scrabble Letter Tiles

10/03 Nursery Rhymes: The Finger Family

09/30 Story Patterns: Stone Soup

09/18 Animal Crafts: Paper Bag Animals(Elephant, Fox, Giraffe)

09/07 Animal Crafts: Paper Bag Animals

08/30 Story Patterns: Llama Llama Red Pajama

08/26 Topics: Where Do They Work?

08/17 Story Patterns: Mouse's First Day of School

08/12 Topics: Whose Vehicle Is This?

07/31 Story Patterns: Goodnight Moon

07/26 Topics: Watermelon Math

07/14 Rhymes & Songs: Head, Shoulders, Kees and Toes

06/28 Topics: What's the matter? / Good for Teeth

06/24 Topics:Brush Chart

06/19 Topics:Clown Face Fun(added pics)

06/13 Topics:What Can You Do With Your Body?